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Wellness Care for Your Best Friend
Wellness Care for Your Best Friend

Quality Pet Diagnostics, Lab Work & X-Rays in Fremont

Your dog or cat may be suffering from an injury or exhibiting other symptoms that are hard to diagnose, even with a clinical eye. Our practice, Central Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Services, located in Fremont, employs X-ray and other comprehensive veterinary diagnostics to start your dog or cat on the road to recovery.

Our veterinary clinic routinely uses radiographs to detect tumors and bone fractures, examine damage caused by heartworms and check for a variety of other conditions, such as arthritis and spinal cord diseases. It is painless and safe, using very low doses of radiation. Pregnant females and very young pets can therefore use radiology without harm. An X-ray can make for a more accurate diagnosis, along with treatment that is faster, easier and more effective.

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The First Step in Treating Your Dog or Cat

Unlike radiographs, which produce still images, ultrasound produces real-time imagery using high-frequency sound waves. It is radiation-free and can result in very clear depictions of organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and spleen. As it is used with humans, it can be used to check on fetal health and for pregnancy monitoring. It can additionally be used to diagnose cancer and evaluate heart health.

Lab work provides vets with basic diagnostic information that they can use to pinpoint a problem in your dog or cat. Many routine checks include blood tests, abdominal palpation, checking for enlarged lymph nodes and the analysis of stool and urine. Microscopic examinations, biopsies and bacterial culture sensitivity may be performed for certain conditions.

Helping Furry Friends Get Well

Our Fremont clinic can handle anything your pet needs for good health, including digital X-rays, grooming and spay/neuter services. We are accepting all types of new, four-legged patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 510-797-7387.