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Wellness Care for Your Best Friend
Wellness Care for Your Best Friend

Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats in Fremont

In California, infestations can occur during any season, making year-round flea control a necessity. Parasite and tick control medicine can prevent the lodging of eggs and the injections of proteins that come from such voracious creatures. This is important for protecting Fremont pet owners and their families against spotted fever and Lyme disease. Our staff at Central Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Services can help you stop an infestation and prevent future ones.


Helping Pets With Parasites, Deworming & Heartworm Prevention

Puppies should be brought in for deworming around two to three weeks of age. If any pet has diarrhea or is coughing, vomiting, short of breath, licking under its tail or losing weight, a vet may suspect a problem with worms. Because tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms and hookworms live in the intestines, bring a stool sample to our office. Our staff can analyze it under a microscope to see if parasites are present.    

Heartworms can live in the lungs, heart or blood vessels. They can reach a foot in length and cause an animal’s death. A monthly prescription can prevent heartworms from lodging in your dog. If your pet is already a host, blood work and other tests can help a vet understand how serious the infestation is. An antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine will be administered along with the monthly preventative formula. To completely eliminate the pests, arsenic-based shots may be later delivered.

Protect Yourself & Your Best Friend

Our Fremont vets take parasites seriously. Pets should be on a monthly dosage to protect themselves from becoming hosts and potentially transferring diseases to other animal and human carriers. Call 510-797-7387 if you have any questions about parasites, worms or geriatric dog care.