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Wellness Care for Your Best Friend
Wellness Care for Your Best Friend

Friendly Pet Dentist in Fremont

It has been estimated that some 85 percent of pets over 4 years of age have developed a form of dental disease. This can affect much more than just an animal’s oral health; it can also be a cause of heart and kidney disease. Our staff at Central Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Services is concerned about animal well-being, and therefore offers comprehensive cat and dog dental care at our Fremont practice.

We’ll start by examining your pet’s entire oral cavity, looking closely at the tongue, gums and palate. Veterinary clinics such as ours use similar instruments as human dentists to scrub away tartar and discolorations. Subgingival scaling can be used to clean thoroughly under your furry friend’s gums. After a teeth cleaning, a vet will inspect for pockets and signs of periodontal disease. If the examination reveals pockets, an X-ray can provide further insight to determine if bone loss has occurred. In such cases, an antibiotic gel can be applied to prevent infection and further degradation. In severe cases, teeth can be extracted and later replaced.

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Caring for Dogs & Cats

One telltale sign of problems is bad breath. Foul odors coming from the mouth and throat are caused by bacteria and plaque buildup. Loose and missing teeth are obvious symptoms that call for dentistry care, as are drooling, vomiting and pain while chewing.

Work with us to prevent and treat fractured teeth, worn teeth and gingivitis in your dog, cat, rabbit or other pet. Good home hygiene in conjunction with regularly scheduled office visits are key to good animal dental health.

Wellness Care for Your Best Friend

We recognize that caring for your furry friend is just one of your many responsibilities in life. If you have questions about pet dental care, flea control or anything else, feel free to call our Fremont practice at 510-797-7387.