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Wellness Care for Your Best Friend
Wellness Care for Your Best Friend

Gentle Spaying & Neutering in Fremont

Spaying female puppies or kittens can help them live a longer, healthier life and helps control the pet population at large. Because your pets’ comfort is one of our primary concerns, our Fremont clinic, Central Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Services, applies anesthesia and pain management techniques during such procedures.

Performing this surgery on females before their first heat cycle significantly reduces their risk of developing mammary cancer in later years. Spays performed before the first heat cycle result in just a one percent chance of breast cancer, whereas after two heat cycles the risk is 25 percent. In addition, spays eliminate the risk of contracting a life-threatening pyometra infection that would involve emergency surgery to remove infected organs.

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Compassionate Care for Dogs & Cats

For cats, neuters are recommended when reaching about 4 months of age, and for dogs, at as early as 6 weeks. In a male dog, it involves the removal of both testicles. Benefits include eliminating the risk of testicular cancer and diminishing risk of prostate disease. Neutering also prevents the likelihood that a male dog will mount other dogs and people, or escape from home in search of a female companion. It helps to prevent aggressive behavior that can lead to dogfights and tragic accidents. The pungent odor of tomcat urine is greatly reduced in male cats that are neutered.

Call Today for More Information

To decide on the best time to perform the procedure, contact our Fremont spay and neuter clinic. After the surgery, we can help your pet bounce back to full health, which can take a few days. We can also help with teeth cleaning, which prevents periodontal disease. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 510-797-7387.